5 Superfoods To Get Rid Of Cholesterol Woes Forever

Problem of high cholesterol is quite common in India. People with high cholesterol are more susceptible to heart diseases. Cholesterol is referred to a fatty substance, also known as lipid, which is vital for normal functioning of the body.

But having high levels of lipids in your blood can cause several issues. High cholesterol is usually not accompanied with any kinds of symptoms. But if it goes unchecked for a long period of time, it can increase risks of heart attacks and stroke. Cholesterol has the tendency build up on the artery walls. This buildup of plaque on artery walls can restrict flow of blood to your heart, brain and rest of the body.

To keep cholesterol levels under control, it is important to exercise regularly and consume a healthy diet. There are certain foods which can help in controlling cholesterol levels in the body. In this article, we talk about some superfoods which can work wonders in terms of keeping cholesterol levels under control. Keep reading…

5 superfoods to get rid of cholesterol woes for ever

1. Fruits: Fruits are super healthy. A balanced diet must include seasonal fruits. Fruits are low in saturated fat and have high amounts of healthy vitamins and minerals. Also, fruits contain soluble fibre which can be great for keeping cholesterol levels under control. But make sure that you eat whole fruits and not fruit juice in order to retain fibre content.

2. Soya foods: Soya foods act as natural cholesterol reduces as they are low in saturated fat. Protein content in soya can also help in controlling cholesterol. Studies say that cholesterol content can come down by 6%, if a person includes 15g of soya protein in their diet every day.

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3. Vegetables: A balanced diet contains a healthy mix of fruits and vegetables. Vegetables like peas, broccoli and sweet potatoes are particularly good in keepin cholesterol levels under control. Broccoli is also good for controlling cholesterol and blood sugar levels in people suffering from type 2 diabetes.

4. Oats: Fibre-rich oats are great to be included in a healthy and balanced diet. People popularly opt for oats during breakfast. Oats can also be helpful in keeping your cholesterol levels under control.

5. Nuts:Nuts are widely popular for being heart-healthy foods. People who have heart ailments should include nuts in their diet. Nuts contain unsaturated fat which can be helpful in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

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