Are women happier without a husband and kids? A study says YES!

Women are happier without getting married or having kids

All those who think a woman should tie the knot before a certain age as marriage makes her life better, now even science has evidence to prove them wrong. A study has indicated that single women are happier than their married counterparts.

The study

A study done by the American Time Use Survey (ATUS) compared the pleasure and misery levels of married, unmarried, separated, widowed and divorced individuals.

The finding

Interestingly, this survey suggested that married people reported higher level of happiness only when they were asked this question in the presence of their partner. Interestingly, unmarried people reported lower levels of misery than married people.

What expert says

Dolan takes reference from this same study and explains that men ‘calm down’ after getting married, take fewer risks, earn a higher income and live longer.

What about women?

Paul Dolan, a professor of behavioural science at the London School of Economics and author of the book ‘Happy Ever After’ opines that men benefit from marriage and women are happier before tying the knot.

​Men benefit from marriage

Coming to women, he indicates that marriage takes a toll on their health and they are healthiest and happiest if they do not get married or have children.

​What another study suggests

Another study done by a marketing intelligence company Mintel interviewed single women and concluded 61 per cent of these were happy being single. Not just this, 75 per cent of the women were not even looking for a partner. Whoa!

​What does this indicate?

The findings of these studies indicate that times are changing and marriage and kids are not the only two factors that can make a woman happy. It’s a woman’s prerogative to decide when, with whom and at what age she should tie the knot, and it’s equally fine if she plans to stay single her entire life. Like they say, to each his own.

Source: TNN