Make-up tricks to keep you winter ready

Winter is approaching and with this comes the task to make your skin look flawless even in thechilly season. The right make-up trick like opting for creamy blushers and choosing matte lipsticks can do the trick, say experts.

Vandana Luthra, founder of VLCC Group doles out make-up tips which would simplify your life in winter.

* Use foundation which are liquid in nature. Those who have dry skin should avoid powder foundation in the winters while oily skin can still use creamy to powder foundation.

* Try and go for creamy blushers instead of the powder ones.

* For eyes, use liquid or gel eyeliners instead of pencil eyeliner. If using eyeshadow prefer the creamy ones.

* For lipstick use creamy over matte. If using matte, apply some vaseline over your lipstick to keep your lips from chapping and well moisturised or simply use a coloured lip balm.

Experts at beauty brand Revlon too have some tips to share.

* Colour plays an essential part in winters. Use earthy colours like brown or grey, which would make your eyes look attractive and the focus will go on your eyes. Also, use waterproof mascara as winter breeze can lead to teary eyes

* Use subtle and warm colour blushes and bronzers which are refreshing for winter season like- Rose shades

* If you have chapped lips, stick to tinted lip balms which contain sunscreen also. If your lips are in good condition then use moisturising lipstick

* Avoid matte or long-wearing lipsticks as they can lead to dryness. Instead, stick to sheer glosses, which will make the lips glow