Pakistani Restaurant owner gives out free food

Located just blocks away from the White House in Washington DC, Sakina Halal Grill looks like any other high-end restaurant at first glance. But there’s one crucial difference – it serves free meals to anyone in need. Kazi Mannan, the owner of the restaurant, has served more than 80,000 free meals in the last five years, reports Now This.

“If someone says I need a free meal, okay,” Mr Mannan tells WJLA. His policy has remained unchanged since the restaurant opened in 2013.

“If you can’t afford a meal, come in and have a free meal. Enjoy the same atmosphere that everybody who is paying is enjoying,” Mr Mannan says.

Mr Mannan credits his difficult childhood for the decision to serve food to those in need. Growing up in a small village in Pakistan, he experienced poverty and hunger.

“I used to see many homeless people looking for food through trash cans and it would really pain me,” he tells BBC. “It would quickly take me to my own story of how I didn’t have anything to eat.”

Today, Mr Mannan has one goal – to provide 16,000 free meals a year to those in need, no questions asked.