Why Does Diabetes Run Rampant in Indian Communities?

If you’re Indian, chances are you know another fellow Indian with diabetes. Diabetes is prevalent among the population whether those Indians live in India or have moved to different countries around the world. Why is that?

According to a recent study, by 2030 there will be 80.9 million Indians living in India who will have diabetes. The study also says that Indians who move to other countries are more susceptible to have diabetes and that has to do with genetics among several other factors. In terms of Type 2 diabetes, the study found that Indians exhibit increased insulin resistance compared to other races.

Additionally, another study by the journal Cell Metabolism says Indians’ undernourished ancestors are to blame for the prevalence of diabetes, according to The Indian Express.

India is undergoing rapid development. The literal landscape is changing and with it, as are people’s lifestyles. One of those lifestyle changes is the intake of a  higher calorie diet. Indian bodies, according to the study, are not genetically prepared to handle that intake as they remain equipped to a state of being undernourished. This means that their bodies store fat in a way that makes them more prone to obesity which can lead to Type 2 diabetes.

The other factors contributing to diabetes include a sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits (late night fried snacks), eating at odd hours and excessively, and high sodium intake. While lots of actual Indian dishes are delicious, the fried snacks and sugary desserts are factors in having diabetes.

It’s better to prevent diabetes than it is to deal with the disease once you have it. You can prevent the onslaught by exercising regularly, maintaining a normal eating schedule that’s lower in processed carbs, sugars, and salt, avoiding tobacco, and being aware of your lifestyle.

Source: The Teal Mango